Visual Insights for Each Student With Nurture

December 12, 2022

In November we were delighted to fully launch our ‘Class and Student Passports’.

All teachers now using Nurture will see their classes' average grades and average confidence levels, along with the classes’ overall engagement score.

This is what we refer to as a Class Passport and it will help teachers and school leaders to easily identify assessments where students may need additional support and targeted feedback to help them improve their performance. Teachers can also filter this by individual students to see their individual Student Learner Passports.

(Teacher View: Individual Student Passport)

What Metrics Can the Students See?

Each student can see their own average confidence, grade, and their engagement score, but those of other students or the class as a whole. This will help the students to spot the assessments that they may need to work on when visualized against a group of assessments.

What Is an Engagement Score and How Is It Calculated?

The Engagement Score is a new metric that gives you an indication of how engaged with Nurture your students are. This is completely separate from their average grade and confidence level. Each student starts with an engagement score of 0 and they can increase it by doing several activities on each assessment. Currently, the following activities can increase their engagement score:

  • Viewing assessments that have been assigned to them.
  • Interacting with assessment attachments.
  • Submitting an assessment on time (note for paper-based assessments students only have to add their confidence score to make a submission).
  • If submitting an assessment late this will not increase their score as much as submitting on time (but better late than never!).
  • Interacting with attachments on their feedback.
  • Unlocking their grade by reflecting on their feedback and closing the feedback loop.
A New Dimension to Parent-Teacher Meetings!

It’s nice to have a very obvious indication of how a student is getting on that you can show to parents during the year. The Student Passport will act as a 3rd party if you like! An easy-to-read indicator of the topics a student is strong/weak on, confident/unconfident in, and whether or not they have been engaging during the year. This should remove awkward moments some teachers and parents face at these meetings!

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