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Simplifying Formative Assessment & Feedback for Schools.

Microsoft schools use Nurture to help their teachers & students.
Students receiving personalised instruction perform better than 98% of traditionally taught students.

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Nurture AI in Education with Microsoft

We are taking enormous leaps with our ‘Nurture Assistant’ to empower teachers and students with Artificial Intelligence in a safe & responsible way that gives them superpowers within Microsoft Teams.

Customer Success

Shireland Collegiate Academy

Shireland Collegiate Academy is a large inner-city secondary school in Smethwick, United Kingdom. It is a hugely diverse and well-respected Microsoft Showcase School and is one of our Nurture Innovator Schools.

“The huge selling point about Nurture, apart from the fact that it is pedagogically sound, is it sits in the Teams environment.”

- Sir Mark Grundy, CEO, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.

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Closing the Feedback Loop Between Teachers & Students

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We help teachers close the feedback loop by making it faster and easier to deliver structured feedback, as well as gather student reflections.
With Nurture, teachers will know every student's confidence in each topic
They will be able to create 'packets' of detailed feedback for students at similar confidence levels
Nurture gathers student feedback and insights, meaning that teachers can finish up the year with a detailed report on every student's insights.
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When you know the confidence level of every student in your class, in each topic, the feedback process is so much easier.
You have the bird's-eye view to create support material for different groups in the class, based on confidence levels
You'll be able to check in with students who have 'problem topics' throughout the year
With each academic year that passes, you can test your support material until less and less students are seen in the lower confidence levels
3 2 1 strategy for student reflection. Nurture interface
We've built our research framework right into the software so teachers can use best practice pedagogy within their online teaching environment.
Students unlock grades after reflection
Regular 3-2-1 reflections help them become more self-directed learners
Grades and student confidence levels start to skyrocket across the classroom
Our Integration

Seamlessly Integrated
Within Microsoft Teams

Add Nurture to your classroom to close the feedback loop with your students. Start setting out learning objectives and sharing formative feedback using structured templates.

What Student Are Saying:

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) For Teachers

A Microsoft Certified course on the best practices of formative assessment and feedback within Microsoft Teams. Teachers can also earn credits towards their MIE Expert badge through this course. Created by Dr. Stephen Comiskey who holds a PhD in educational technology and has worked with and trained 100’s of schools and colleges globally.
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Reduce teacher workload, deliver high-quality feedback & build student confidence.

Many existing tech platforms used by schools weren’t built with the best practices of educational research at their core. We integrate with these platforms to bring next-generation feedback & assessment, we take a pedagogy 1st approach to the development of our software.
50% teacher workload reduction
14.6% average grade improvement
9/10 student's increase in their confidence
98% of student's perform better with personalised feedback

All powered by our proprietary research-backed framework.

We have developed a research-backed framework to close the content knowledge gap and build student confidence through the connection of learning objectives.

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Headshot of Niamh from our teaching and learning team

Dr. Stephen Comiskey

As Nurture's Director of Teaching and Learning. Stephen's past research and current projects are dedicated to the improvement of student outcomes using technology.
We're passionate about improving student outcomes.

The Nurture Way

How for the first time the feedback loop can be closed between teachers and students all in Microsoft Teams.
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Our Integration

We integrate with your current tools.

Nurture integrates with Microsoft Teams so your teachers get the benefits of Nurture within the platform they are used to.
Set up every teacher in school in a few clicks
Avoid asking teachers & students to change their base online learning environment
Nurture are Certified Education Partners with both Microsoft & Google
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Who's using Nurture?
100+ schools across Europe are working with us. Here's some of them.
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