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We are taking enormous leaps with our ‘Nurture Assistant’ to empower teachers and students with Artificial Intelligence in a safe & responsible way that gives them superpowers within Microsoft Teams.

Creating Assessments
Creating Feedback
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Unique, pedagogically sound EdTech

Our AI principles

Human Connection

The human connection between the teacher and student is at the core of learning. Nurture Assistant aims to factor manually written feedback by teachers so the Nurture assistant talks like the teacher using it.


Research and pedagogy inform everything we do. This approach helps to ensure that AI tools are aligned with educational objectives and promote effective and equitable learning outcomes.

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Implementing Artificial intelligence comes with a huge responsibility which means prioritizing transparency, accountability, fairness, and the promotion of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Personalised feedback

The impact of personalised feedback has always been the crux of Nurture…and now it is possible to scale this, making personalised feedback faster than ever before.

Nurture's impact is enabled by Microsoft AI Technology

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GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI directly in Nurture

Nurture schools get the security capabilities of Microsoft Azure while running the same models as OpenAI. Azure OpenAI offers private networking, regional availability, and responsible AI content filtering.

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Microsoft Teams integration to reach the 90 million Microsoft EDU users worldwide

"This educational technology leverages AI to extend our Modern Work and classroom tools to meet a recognizable and not yet filled need; providing helpful, useful, and actionable teacher-directed feedback. This unique method supports growth and wellness while assisting the educator in a sometimes laborious and undervalued task."
Headshot of Serene Sacks-Mandel, CTO for Microsoft Global EDU

Serena Sacks-Mandel

Global Chief Technology/Transformation Officer,
Microsoft Education

Mockup of the UK Deparment of Education Departmental Statement on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education on a tablet device

Departmental statement on Generative AI in Education

This document sets out the position of the Department for Education on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI), including large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT or Google Bard, in the education sector.

Why Nurture?

For Schools

Formative Assessment Policy

Policies that expect formative practices in schools

System-level approach

It’s difficult to introduce a ‘system-level’ approach to assessment & feedback for districts, states, regions and governments

Pedagogy backed

Many EdTech solutions are not built with pedagogy & research at the core.

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For Teachers

Free teachers’ time to focus on delivering excellent teaching

Teacher Workload

Nurture creates assessments and personalised feedback in seconds at scale, allowing teachers to focus on delivering excellent teaching.

Teacher Wellbeing

Nurture free’s up teachers time to focus on the feedback itself instead of creating feedback.

Teacher Retention

Nurture empowers teachers with tools that make their role easier and more effective.

Effective Feedback

By requiring students to reflect on teacher feedback, students take feedback onboard more effectively.

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For Students

Nurture supports growth and wellness through confidence-based feedback and reflection

Improve engagement with feedback

Students must close the feedback loop with their teachers by telling them how they felt about their feedback.

Focus on feedback, not just the grade

Students grades are locked until they focus on their feedback and give their teacher a reflection.

Feedback doesn't disappear at the bottom of the schoolbag

All feedback is stored in Nurture, accessible at any time for both student and teacher.

Shy students express more on Nurture

Reflecting on feedback is private between student and teacher so quieter students in class give the teacher more context in Nurture.

Students working on feedback on a computer in class with their teachers

This is just THE start of Artificial Intelligence in EdTech

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