School Leadership Guideline to Create a Formative Assessment & Feedback Strategy

Successfully keeping your school in touch with the latest digital teaching and learning methods can be a daunting task. Let's make it that little bit easier for you.
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Underpinned by the Research Framework We Created With Learnovate, Trinity College Dublin.

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School Success

“The huge selling point about Nurture, apart from the fact that it is pedagogically sound, is it sits in the Teams environment.”

- Sir Mark Grundy, CEO, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.

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Written by Dr. Stephen Comiskey (Nurtures' Director of Teaching & Learning, an expert in digitising formative assessment & feedback).
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Practical Guides

Any guides published by Nurture will always have practical tips and actionable insights. Usually you'll find either a 'Try This' section, a useful cut-out or a checklist for success.
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Evidence Based

You'll always find links to academic articles that support the content in Nurture eBooks and guides. If you have questions we'll put you in touch with our teaching and learning team who write the guides! Just pop us a message via the onsite chat (bottom right).


- Increased student outcomes

- Improved learning & behaviour

- Transferable skills across subject areas and curriculum

- Increase in level of self-direction

Teachers & Leaders

- Improved reflection

- Bird's-eye view of student progress

- Continuous professional development

- Recognition on completion of Nurture onboarding & training

- Increased motivation and retention


- A common research backed framework for learning & leadership

- Development of a holistic teaching & learning model

- Improved knowledge transfer and best practice sharing

- Clearly defined vision for formative assessment and feedback

Why Download?

Successfully keeping your school in touch with the latest digital teaching and learning methods can be a daunting task. That’s why our teaching and learning team at Nurture has created this guide based on our experience training hundreds of teachers on how to use our formative assessment and feedback software. This guide has been summarised into 7 elements:

  1. Vision for Continuous Assessment
  2. Subject Department Collaboration
  3. What's Good Feedback (Cut-out)
  4. Feedback Engagement
  5. Digital Transformation
  6. Lasting Change- Early Adopters
  7. Lasting Change- Expansion Phase

Included in the Guide:

1. Try this sections, where we suggest actions you can take today.

2. Cut-outs for the staff room: see our ‘Features of Good Feedback’ page to get a cut-out you can stick up in your office or staff room.

3. Checklists for school leaders and teachers to assist them with digital transformation.