Customer Comments

Hundreds of teachers & thousands of students are using Nurture.

"Many existing tech platforms used by schools weren’t built with the best practices of educational research at their core. We integrate with these platforms to bring next-generation feedback & assessment to our customers by taking a pedagogy 1st approach to the development of our software."

Director of Teaching & Learning
Shireland Collegiate Academy

Student & Teacher Impact

Hear from some of the students at Shireland and their teachers. They chat about how Nurture has brought value to them!
I like how Nurture is easily compatible with Microsoft Teams, the 3-2-1 feedback function & the ability to provide differentiated instruction & feedback to those that need it 😎
Kilkenny City Vocational School,
Formative assessment is an idea that’s been around for a long time & this tool is enabling you to put in practice that approach. Formative assessment  is very much the area we need to be addressing 📈👨🎓
Dr. Michael Hallissy
H2 Learning
Students having to read feedback before receiving their grade is great 👌
Galway & Roscommon
Education & Training Board
We can use technologies such as the Microsoft tools & Nurture so that educators can adapt existing assessment strategies 📝
Karen Burke
Customer Success Manager,
Microsoft Education
Being able to group feedback & the way in which students don't see their mark until they engage is what I find most interesting within Nurture 📝💯
St Louis Post Primary,
Students are clearer on what they’re expected to do. Now I understand better how students feel when they’ve submitted work because Nurture allows the students to select their confidence levels 🎯🔎
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher,
Coláiste Bríde
The time reduction in giving feedback and the myriad possibilities of feedback is what interests me most about Nurture 👌✅
St.Brendans College,
Now I spend about half an hour to 45 minutes giving feedback to one set of my students... down from around 2 hours ⏳
Irish Teacher,
Bridgetown College
The feedback is faster because the teachers don’t have to chat individually to students in class & take up class time 🙂
Bridgetown College,
I can absolutely see how this could work in our other schools, we'll actually see a change in how we can work, without it being a dramatic movement from what people are used to ✅
Shireland Collegiate Academy badge
Sir Mark Grundy
CEO, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust
What excites us the most about Nurture is the ability of the teacher to give tailormade feedback to students, which is time effective and which is specific to the learning outcomes
Headshot of Ger Hogan
Ger Hogan
Deputy Principal, Kinsale Community School
Kinsale Community School

Working With Microsoft Schools

We stopped by one of our schools in Cork, Ireland to check out how things have been going with their roll-out of Nurture's Microsoft Teams integration.