Empowering Teachers & Principals
Fulfilling Student Potential.

Student receiving feedback online on her laptop

We know 98% of students who receive personalised instruction perform better. We know teacher burnout is a problem.

Our aim is to support every school to provide a personalised teaching experience to their students without demanding more from their teachers.

Average grade improvement for students using Nurture.
Of students reported improvements in confidence.
Halve teacher workload when delivering feedback.

We didn't always have this aim

The founders of Nurture started an award-winning social enterprise called jumpAgrade in 2017 that has since scaled to helping tutor 1,000’s of students, with customers like Trinity College, DCU, UL & UCC and a number of secondary schools across Ireland who fund students who need the service.

When COVID hit, they identified a huge inefficiency in the feedback loop between teachers & students working online within schools. By this time we had become experts in delivering feedback to students because it was the core part of our tuition service.

Software we had built at that time now had a new use case beyond our own tuition service; every teacher using digital tools worldwide needed access to the software we had built. The problem is existing tech platforms used by schools weren’t built with the best practices of educational research at their core. We integrate with these platforms to bring next-generation feedback & assessment to every school.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Do Meaningful Work

It's a joy to work on this problem because we know it's meaningful work.

2. Barrys>Lyons

For us this isn't even a debate. The best tea for the office is Barrys.

3. Customer First Approach

We're careful to work closely with our customers to influence what we're designing.

4. Everyday's a School Day

We're on a journey at Nurture & are never afraid to try and fail.