Nurture Session- Formative Feedback Tips


Nurture in partnership with Clare Education Centre, ran this session for school leaders & teachers.

Dr. Stephen Comiskey, Nurtures Director of Teaching & Learning hosted it to share formative feedback & assessment best practice. Stephen did his PhD in Educational Technology & worked with the Learnovate centre in Trinity College for a number of years.

Nurture is currently working with hundreds of schools that use our software for teachers/students/principals to improve formative assessment and feedback.

In this webinar Stephen dived into: 

  • An introduction to Nurture.
  • Why you should avoid spoiling the learning journey.
  • The measured benefits of comments only marking.
  • Who feedback should be more work for, the teacher or the student?
  • A pilot and co-pilot method that lends itself to creating more self directed learners.
  • Traffic light exercises.
  • A demonstration of Nurture as it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams.

Do you think feedback should be more work for the recipient than the donor? Access the full webinar via the form below.

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