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Average grade improvement for students using Nurture.
Of students reported improvements in confidence.
Halve teacher workload when delivering feedback.
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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) For Teachers

A Microsoft Certified course on the best practices of formative assessment and feedback within Microsoft Teams. Teachers can also earn credits towards their MIE Expert badge through this course. Created by Dr. Stephen Comiskey who holds a PhD in educational technology and has worked with and trained 100’s of schools and colleges globally.
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Some of the Microsoft Showcase Schools Using Nurture

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International Recognition

Best Formative Assessment Project

Awarded by a panel of industry assessment experts at the 2022 e-Assessment Association Awards in London.
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Success with Microsoft Showcase Schools

Shireland Collegiate Academy

Hear from Georgina Xeureb, a Microsoft Certified Educator, Lead Teacher & Educational Researcher at Shireland Collegiate Academy. Georgina has worked closely with us during the roll out of Nurture across Shireland and share's her thoughts on the experience so far.
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The Nurture Way

How for the first time the feedback loop can be closed between teachers and students all in Microsoft Teams.

Underpinned by the Research Framework We Created With Learnovate, Trinity College Dublin.

Nurture's Research Partners
Our Integration

Seamlessly Integrated
Within Microsoft Teams

Add Nurture to your classroom in Microsoft Teams with just a few clicks. By leveraging Microsoft’s SSO (Single Sign-On) teachers can instantly start to close the feedback loop with their students without any headaches of account creation or setup.
Student testimonial quote- "Using Nurture, you don't have to have the hassle of going through everybody's feedback- Nurture kind of tailors it for you"
“The huge selling point about Nurture, apart from the fact that it is pedagogically sound, is it sits in the Teams environment.” 💻🧑🏫
Sir Mark Grundy headshot
Sir Mark Grundy
CEO, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.
"I was sitting in a classroom with a student and asking them were they more or less likely to engage in the feedback as a result of utilising Nurture & they mentioned they were much more motivated to do it, much more engaged & also the ability to have more resources with it meant they were more likely to continue to engage with the Nurture feedback"
David Irish headshot
David Irish
Principal, Shireland Collegiate Academy

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